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Canine Quizes

Favorite Quiz For Adults
Your Favorite Quiz Was?

Animal Names............Tough..
Can you imagine finding ten different creatures that have names beginning with the letter Q? It's not a pretty process,but I somehow managed it.  


All About Dogs....Average.....
What can we say besides this quiz is all about dogs. Can you hang?

Cute Baby Animals..Tough....
We just got a new puppy (so cute!) and it made me think about other baby animals. Hope you'll have fun with this!

African Safari.......Easy......
All of these animals can be found on the continent of Africa. If you are an animal lover, you should have no problem at all interpreting the clues and coming up with the answers.

Breeds Of Dogs..Difficult .. 
Learn something about some of the most unusual dog breeds of the world.
What's Your Dog Saying?Tough
Do you speak dog...

Dogs Allowed......Average....
This quiz is about basic facts concerning dog breeds and dogs in general, and about the origin of some names of dogs.

 Dog Aggression...... Easy.....
What can you do with an aggressive dog, and how can you prevent it? Are certain breeds worse than others? What kind of watchdog is best? Learn all about these in this nifty quiz! 

Socializing...... Average..... 
Did you know that your dog's puppyhood experiences shape most of his outlook on life? Take this quiz to learn about the importance of socializing your pup!