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Pet First Aid


Symptoms: Pain, blistering, discolor, odor of burning fur.Treatment: Apply a cold compress to the burned area for at least five minutes. Do not use ointments. Then go to vet



Symptoms: Gagging, vomiting, pawing at mouth, crying in pain, excessive salivating, and unconsciousness.Treatment: Open mouth and pull tongue forward. If the object is seen, remove it. Keep dog calm and take to veterinarian.


Symptoms: Small red dots on skin, biting and scratching.Treatment: Use flea collars, powders, etc.



Symptoms: Sudden lameness limbs in abnormal position, acute pain, and swelling.Treatment: Take dog to veterinarian, keep calm, and wrap in towel and place splint on limb if possible.


Heat Stroke

Symptoms: Gasping, panting, very warm skin, dry blue-gray tongue and gums, drooling, unconsciousness.Treatment: If severe take dog to veterinarian immediately. If not wrap dog in cool towel or soak in cool water.


Over Exposure to Cold

Symptoms: very cold skin, shivers, weakness, bloody stool, pale pink-gray tongue and gums.Treatment: If severe immediately take dog to veterinarian making sure he's kept warm. 


Insect Sting

Symptoms: Stinger marks, pain, swelling, weakness, hives, heavy panting, vomiting Treatment: If dog is weak or vomiting rush to veterinarian immediately. If stinger is visible, remove , and then apply ice


Minor & Serious Wounds

Symptoms: Minor-small cut or puncture, Serious-extensive bleeding with deep puncture.Treatment: Minor-clean wound with peroxide & wipe dry, Serious-If there is extensive bleeding flap skin over and apply direct pressure to wound with clean material. Take dog to vet


Motion Sickness

Symptoms: vomiting, diarrhea, and restlessness.Treatment: Stop car and provide dog fresh air. Vet may also provide tranquilizers before trip.



Symptoms: vomiting, twitching, collapse, bluish gums and tongueTreatment: Call veterinarian or poison control immediately. Take sample of poison to veterinarian. Keep dog warm.


Skunk Spray

Symptoms: Offensive smell of skunk.
Treatment: Flush dogs eyes with warm water then apply warm olive oil or artificial tears. Neutralize smell by rubbing dog's body in tomato juice. Wear rubber gloves.