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How Do U Stop Your Pup
From Digging?
Give Them A Pit
If your dog loves to dig, provide him with his own digging pit just as parents would provide their child with a sand box. Take into consideration your dog's needs and prepare an area that is neither directly in the summer sun nor unprotected against the winter winds. A 3 x 6 foot area about 2 feet deep is sufficient. Dig it up to loosen the dirt and mix in a little sand to help it drain in the rainy season. Let your dog watch the preparations and if he joins in to help, lavish him with praise. Once the pit is ready, it is easy to get your dog to dig in it. Take some of his favorite toys and treats and let him watch you make a fuss over burying them. Call your dog over and help him dig things up. Once he gets the idea and is digging without your help, enthusiastically praise him and repeat, 'Dig in your pit, dig in your pit.' When he digs up a treat, he is immediately rewarded by getting to eat it. If it's a ball or toy you've buried then you can immediately play a short game of fetch, then bury it again. Repeat this over and over, always repeating the command, 'Dig in your pit.' Your dog will quickly learn what the command means. You can test this by putting your dog inside the house, burying a dozen or so treats in the pit  and then let puppy out .Take pup to the pit and  Say 'Dig in your pit' and praise him if he digs in  the pit. This training can usually be accomplished in one afternoon