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Puppy HomeWork

Puppy School Homework

Daily Exercises

This is done at every opportunity: Before treats, before dinner, before walks, before coming back in side, before ANY greeting or petting when you get home or coming into the room. Please have the pup on leash and demand a sit-stay before children approach and pet the pup.
Leash Walking
 Leash walking if pup is three months old and has had two vaccinations. Do Not go to Parks or School yards.
Report shyness, growling, etc.
Use rubber balls or toys--throw then just a couple of feet and ask the pup to drop it when you exchange the toy for a treat.

Kong (Tuffy), Rope toys, Gumabones.



Dominance Exercises

1. Touch and manipulate each toe, ears, gums, tail,  tummy DAILY

2. Lift the pup from behind, holding behind the forelegs, and ask him to "settle" then put down.

3. Roll pup on to his side, applying pressure to shoulder and hind quarters, ask him to "settle." Gently and hold him down on the side quietly for 15 minutes Daily the first week, 30 minutes daily the second week, then twice a week.

4. Hold the pup by the nose, and gently apply pressure downward for an instant. Reward.

5. Begin the Sit-Stay by using a firm "Sit-Stay" , Wait a second after taking one step back, then step forward and reward. Gradually increase distance.

6. Begin tooth brushing. Begin toe trim behaviors. Reward everything. Sit for everything.


Do Not:

-Play Tug-o'-War


-Leave kids alone with a pup untill Kids Can Be Trusted



Have fun! Remember, these pups are great!

Keep every interaction in control and positive.