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Paw Talk About Us 
 Just The Basics

Welcome!  We are the No-Kill Puppy RescueWe strongly believe there is a home for evey pup.  We accept and adopt pups between 6-14 wks.  Adoptions are done by approval only.

   All PupsRecieve
Heartworm Prev.
A Loving Home
 Pups Go Home With

5Lbs Of Food




Plus Lots More

 Our Philosophy  

The objective of our rescue is to provide loving homes for every pup that we accept.  We are a total No-Kill Puppy Rescue that strongly believes there is a home for everyone.  We have been placing and accepting pups for almost 10 years now.


 About Our Adoptions

All of our adoptions are done by approval only.  Our adoption contract and adoption applications are done to insure the best possible placement for every pup that is adopted from us.  We get attached to every cutie that enters our door which makes us very picky about who we adopt to.  All who adopt from us are wanting a friend for life.


 Our Pups Come From  

Most of our pups come from owners who end up with a litter that they can not take care of and some pups are strays.  But all pups accepted by us are looking for everlasting homes.


 We Accept  

Our requirements to accept pups are they must be healthy and between 6-8 weeks of age and or under 10 inches tall (from paw To head).  Litters are welcome of any breed or mix.  All pups that are accepted are guarenteed loving homes.


 Our Kennels

We have big, roomy puppy runs built so that the puppies have plenty of room to run and play.  Pups stay with their littermates until they are adopted.  All pups that are accepted by us are guarenteed loving homes.  All pups recieve a pup pack to start their lives off with their great new owners.  We strive to keep our pups healthy and happy.


Adoption and acceptance fees go to cover our cost in caring for pups such as kennel maintenence, food, meds, vet trips, gas, supplies, etc. Fees also go to cover the pup pack supplies in which every pup takes home with them.  Pup pack includes brochures, samples, coupons and lots more!  We do not receive any state funding.
 Our Mobile Adoption Site
We are known for our mobile adoption site.  Our mobile adotion site is a great way to see how pups and possible new owners interact with each other.  Adoptions are done by aprroval only and most of our adoptions are done through our mobile adoption site.  We average about 20 adoptions a week.
 About Us
We are a small family operating pup rescue.  We have been saving pups for about 10 years now.  We are not a business.  We are a No-Kill Pup Rescue.


Ads Below Do Not Belong To Us But Belong To Tripod  (This Applies 2 All Pages)